Winter Wellness

Winter is a time for rest and reflection—the world becomes still and calm, the days become shorter and darker, and our bodies tune into the slow and quiet natural rhythms around us.

It's important to honor the body’s need for rest during this time of year, while keeping both the body and mind in balance through movement and mindfulness, as well as nourishment.

With our wide range of yoga classes—from gentle yoga to intermediate vinyasa—and inner-fire igniting fitness classes, our wellness programming is designed to restore and maintain balance in your mind, body, and soul during the cold winter months.

Vinyasa Flow with Elle Miller

Restore balance through mindful mediation, sun salutations, and detoxifying asanas with this dynamic intermediate yoga class.

Slow Flow Yoga

Ease into Sunday with slow flowing movement linked to the rhythm of the breath and use yoga props for deep release.

Vinyasa Flow with Olivia Shea

Reenergize the body and mind with this fast-paced yoga class, designed to build heat in the body and detoxify while cultivating strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Fitness Training

Achieve personal wellness goals and feel your best this winter with this individualized and coach-led fitness training class.

All Core Workout

Stoke your inner fire with this core-strengthing and stabilizing workout designed for every fitness level.

Winter’s Eve Yoga by Candlelight

Release the mind, body, and soul with this gentle, candlelit vinyasa flow class focused on finding easy and intuitive movement.

Stretch and Revitalize

Join Licensed Massage Therapist Elizabeth Brooks for a yoga-inspired stretch class with techniques that have roots in Kundalini.

Sun Salutations

Focused on sun salutations sequenced with gentle postures, this class is designed to release the mind from our busy lives.

Gentle Yoga

Promote healing in your body, quiet your mind, and release tension and stress with this approachable yoga class appropriate for all levels.

Restore your inner balance this January.