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Inns of Aurora Resort and Spa
Inns of Aurora Resort and Spa

Energy Work

Open yourself up to the remarkable possibilities of healing through contact with the body's energy centers. Cultures around the world have recognized the potential to heal by manipulating energy; this gentle, non-invasive approach to therapy is ideal for those who find traditional bodywork overwhelming, and can produce surprising results.

Please contact us at 315.364.8888 to make spa reservations.


Wholeness Healing

50 minutes

This balancing and restorative energy session is about recognizing and supporting your body’s own self-healing ability. The therapist uses light, gentle contacts to clear the major joints of the body, and then encourage balance between the chakras (energy centers) that are located along the spine, and which align with major endocrine glands. Clients describe this work as deeply relaxing and grounding, and have found it can be useful with emotional processing or when they have been feeling “scattered.” This session can be done with the client comfortably clothed.



50 minutes

The two Japanese words Rei and Ki mean “spiritually guided” and “life force energy.” Simply put, Reiki is energy healing for relaxation and stress reduction. As you rest in comfortable clothing on a massage table, the Reiki Master uses light touch to help your body heal itself. Pain, stress and tension melt away as Reiki energy is shared in a safe, healing way that soothes, nourishes, and relaxes you from head-to-toe.


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