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The Inns of Aurora

Multi-Day Spa Retreats in NY

A multi-day retreat is a powerful path to renewed wellness. No matter where you are on your wellness journey—whether you’re a dedicated practitioner, returning after time away, or just taking your first steps toward holistic health—we have a retreat that will guide you toward your goals. The compounding effect of time away from ordinary life and an interlocking series of treatments will leave you transformed in mind, body, and spirit.

Please note that multi-day retreat pricing does not include overnight accommodations. To learn more about accommodations and availability at the Inns of Aurora, please call 315.364.8888 or visit


Metta Retreat | Three Days

This three-day retreat is inspired by the Buddhist practice of Metta Meditation, or Loving Kindness Meditation. Inviting you to be present with and kind to yourself and others, this three-day detox gently peels away layers of physical and emotional toxins, leaving you invigorated and transformed. Metta meditation techniques will be woven throughout the three days. 


Day One Self-care education theme: techniques for the skin

Warming massage with herbal oils (80 minutes)

Customized facial with in-depth skincare consultation (80 minutes) 


Day Two Self-care education theme: self-massage for grounding and foot health

Balancing wrap (dry brush, herbal oil application, head and neck massage) (80 minutes)

Aromatic steam hydrotherapy circuit

Reflexology with self-massage for grounding and foot health education (80 minutes)


Day Three Self-care education theme: movement routine for physical and emotional wellness

Detoxifying ritual treatment with movement routine for physical and emotional wellness education (120 minutes)



May you feel safe, 

May you feel happy,

May you feel Strong,

May you live with ease.


May you be at ease, 

May your heart remain open,

May you know the light of your true nature,

May you be healed,

May your presence be healing for others.


May you be safe and free from danger.

May you be happy in your head and your heart.

May you be healthy and strong.

May you live with ease.


Head-to-Toe Reawakening Retreat | Two Days

This retreat will allow you to sink into presence with yourself and plant seeds of your intention for your life. In the peaceful, beautiful, water-centered environment of the Spa, such moments can have powerful ripple effects that last for years. Upon check-in, you will receive a beautiful journal with reflection, dreaming, and planning activities. Through these written activities, this retreat will give you the opportunity to connect with yourself in a deeper way. Simple questions like “What things in your life would you like to let go of?” and “What would you like to invite more of into your life?” will lead you into a space of self-reflection and connection. 


Day One

Scrub (50 minutes)

Oxygen treatment facial (80 minutes)

Hydrotherapy circuit:

To extend the benefits of your session, we invite you to follow our hydrotherapy circuit for any treatment including skincare.

Before your treatment:

Step one: Choose one or more—contrast bathing, traditional sauna, or steam room
Step two: Extended rest period in one of our many indoor and outdoor relaxation spaces

After your treatment:

Step one: Warm soak if desired, taking care to keep your face dry
Step two: Rest in one of our many indoor and outdoor relaxation spaces, enjoy a cup of tea, a walk on the grounds, or a nourishing visit to the café


An important part of any skincare treatment is allowing the products to stay on the skin for as long as possible so they can work their magic. We therefore recommend hydrotherapy circuits before, and not after any facial treatment. Hydrotherapy before your facial prepares your skin for the treatment and optimizes results. After the full body detox provided by the circuits, your skin will be glowing, invigorated, and ready to receive the treatment. The benefits of pre-treatment hydrotherapy for the skin include deep pore cleansing, priming the skin for exfoliation, and increasing circulation to enhance every skincare treatment we offer.

After your hydrotherapy circuit and before your treatment, leave time for an extended rest period of at least 20 minutes before your facial. Because the hydrotherapy is so stimulating, we recommend following any pre-treatment hydrotherapy with ample time to allow your skin to equalize and balance before working with your esthetician. 

After your facial, you may feel complete, or you may want to unwind further. If you would like to continue relaxing, we recommend a gentle soak in the warm pool, taking care to keep your face and décolletage dry. 


Day Two

Forest bathing

Reflexology (50 minutes)

Hydrotherapy circuit:

For a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience, we recommend the following hydrotherapy circuits:

Before your treatment:

Step one: Contrast bathing

Step two: Towel-dry hair and self-massage scalp in the sauna

After your treatment:

Step one: Traditional sauna

Step two: Tepid to cool rinse in the shower

Joint Health Retreat | Two Days

This two-day retreat is a way to make significant progress in your joint pain over a single weekend. Your time at the Spa will include contrast massage treatments to the affected joints, herbal poultices, localized herbal steam treatments, and self-care techniques. You will begin a path of supporting your joint wellness and mobility—continuing after you leave through the self-care that you learn at the Spa. Included is a private therapeutic yoga session, Medical Massage with contrast stones (80 minutes) Exfoliating Dry Brush (50 minutes), Abhyanga and herbal poultice application (80 minutes), and specialized circuits in our hydrotherapy facilities.

Duet Retreat | Two Days

This two-day retreat is designed to strengthen your own selves as well as your relationship with each other. Through romantic, grounded, and intentional duet services and meditations, you will leave stronger than ever. Participants receive a journal upon arrival, in which you are encouraged to keep notes throughout your stay.


Day One

Duet Aurora and Reflexology (100 mins)

Clarifying/love yourself meditation 

Contrast bathing circuit

Forest Bathing/walk


Day Two

Silent trail walk to the spa

Aromatherapy duet massage (80 minutes)

Connection meditation

Intentional meal

Traditional sauna (in or outdoor) and Contrast bathing circuits

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