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The Inns of Aurora

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Rasa Spa has been actively cultivating wellness in the Finger Lakes region since 2006. Rasa's talented and experienced team gives expert, customized treatments every visit, and strives to meet each client where they are on that particular day. With a mission to serve the well being of the whole person through healing, client empowerment, and fostering a mindful community, Rasa Spa is a perfect synthesis of quality service and deep respect for natural healing.

Guided by our wellness philosophy, offerings at the Spa are designed to promote long-lasting benefits to mind, spirit, and body. These treatments can be enjoyed as single experiences or as part of a broader wellness visit that incorporates a series of overlapping health benefits. Multi-day retreats are an ideal way to enjoy the full benefit of our services: each day features a progression of treatment that amplifies the healing power of the experience, offering a profoundly transformative wellness journey.

Please contact us at 315.364.8850 for spa reservations.

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