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Meet Charlotte Hunter
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Charlotte joined the team at the Spa in 2021. She is originally from Aurora; her career as a make-up artist and aesthetician has brought her all around the country, and after living elsewhere for many years, she’s returning to the village. We spoke to her about the exceptional make-up and beauty treatments that she’ll be providing to spa guests, as well as her connection to the area.



Charlotte, what brought you to your current position with the Spa at the Inns of Aurora?

I spent the early years of my life in Aurora, and then my teen years and beyond in Ithaca, so I’ve always known about Rasa Spa. I’ve been a client of the Ithaca location in the past. I was actually living in Savannah, Georgia, for the past three years. My husband and I knew that we were moving back up north, so I started to look around in the area, and found myself connected with Rasa.

And just serendipitously ended up back in Aurora?

Yes! It’s great to be working back in the place where I spent the first ten years of my life. It’s very different from when I left… things have really changed, so it’s been interesting to see the progression of the town, some staples that have stayed and some that have changed over the years. But I can still go to the lake by the house that I grew up in and hop in the water after a long day at work!

You’ve been doing make-up and skincare for quite awhile, is that right?

I’ve been doing make-up for about eight or nine years, and about four years as an aesthetician. I actually went to a program in New York City in 2015, learning how to do make-up for film and television as well as special effects make-up. That’s what got me into the field. From there, I started tailoring my skills toward bridal make-up.

What are some of the changes you’ve seen in the industry during your career?

One of the reasons that I initially found myself drawn toward the aesthetic and make-up world is that it’s an ever-changing beast. So whether it’s new modalities or product lines, it’s got an ebb and flow to it that I really love. Within the make-up industry, there’s definitely been a pull toward the more natural, elevated version of yourself, which is really nice. There was a period where it was pretty heavy and Instagram-focused, but I’m loving to see this return to a more natural aesthetic, which I love.

And then in the skincare world, you can really go any route: you can do the advanced services that are really results-driven (like our Results-Driven Facial), or you can do more relaxation-based services. So within my field, I've been able to dabble in a lot of different areas, and I’ve found that I really love to straddle that line between offering services that are really focused on relaxation, and simultaneously focusing on the health and well-being of your skin, without going too far into the heavy peels and the treatments that require a lot of downtime and recovery. It fits in beautifully with what Rasa is doing up at the Spa.

Is there anything that you’re particularly excited to share with guests up at the Spa?

Yes, absolutely! I really do love the make-up industry, so that’s always something that I look forward to doing. I have worked weddings in the Ithaca and Aurora area for years, and been able to work with brides who are getting married at the Inns of Aurora, offering not only make-up application on the day of, but also creating packages for the whole week—prepping, and taking care of their skin prior to their big day.

I’m a big scheduler, so I love that… being able to meet with the bride, doing a trial of any make-up ahead of time—so that you can practice an application ahead of time, so there aren’t any nerves, and be able to pin down a look that they feel comfortable with. That’s a lovely thing to be able to tackle before the wedding itself. And then we have some really lovely skincare treatments that are tailored to event and wedding clients, which I love. So you have our Oxygen Treatment, which is all about bringing a great glow to the skin, and helping any inflammation or irritation… it’s a great soothing service. Then you can do multiple services, a manicure or pedicure, have any facial waxing, if need be… and then when they come in on the day of, you’ve prepped this whole beautiful canvas and you’re setting everybody up for success.


To book a treatment with Charlotte, visit our Spa page for treatment information and online reservations, or call 315.364.8850 to speak directly with our Spa team.



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