Holiday Yoga

To celebrate this holiday season, we're offering a series of two special yoga classes this December: Silent Night and Comfort & Joy. We sat down with Laura Coburn, our Director of Serenity, to learn more about her inspiration for these special yoga classes.

As Directorr of Serenity, I'm continually seeking ways to offer our guests ease and relaxation. Recognizing that December can be a bustling month full of excitement, my yoga classes next month will be centered on movements that will not only open the heart to joy but also calm the nervous system and put the mind at ease.

Often during the holiday season we get caught up in perceived societal demands, we may put extra pressure on ourselves to "show up" for others in a certain way. This may lead to tension first in the mind and, ultimately, in the body. Tension begets gripping in the body: shoulders become tense, the back may feel painful, and even headaches can arise.

In both Comfort and Joy and Silent Night Yoga participants are encouraged just to be  — to rest in support and to allow opening and unfolding of tight muscles and to allow a loosening of the grip on thoughts and notions of the mind.

Candlelight, quiet, and coziness will be the key to relaxation during Silent Night Yoga. Comfort and Joy will feature postures that are playful and heart-centered. We'll also target areas of the body that typically store tension like the shoulders and hips.

Whichever experience you choose, you're sure to come away feeling more relaxed and with a renewed spirit. I can't wait to practice with you.

Wishing you a warm and peace-filled holiday season.

— Laura

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